Lab-Created Emerald Hydrothermally Grown|Hexagonal Crystals|Columbian Green

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Lab Created Emerald Crystals with the Same Properties as Natural Emeralds

Synthetic Emerald - Columbian Green

Rough Lab Created Emerald - Hexagonal Crystals

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Synthetic Emerald - Hexagonal Crystals

Rough Lab Created Emerald - Columbian Green

Synthetic emeralds have the same chemical composition and physical properties as natural emeralds. Like their natural occuring counterparts, our synthetic emeralds also show a variety of inclusions such as fingerprints, fissures and hollow tubes, the so-called garden (French: jardin).
Our hydrothermal emeralds are grown under conditions very similar to the heat and pressure under which natural emeralds form. But in contrast to the synthetic emeralds in tabular shape that are available elsewhere, here you have the opportunity to acquire absolutely unique created emeralds in their typical habit as hexagonal crystals.
In addition, the synthetic emerald crystals offered in our webshop show a Colombian green, an intense bluish green that is highly sought after.
The synthetic emerald crystals are excellent for making raw gemstone jewelry (or rough crystal jewelry), but can of course also be cut into faceted emeralds or cabochons